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reach out for support

ask for it

They are all there, here, waiting to be called upon, to be of service, to be on duty

They want to support us, we are all in this together

it could be your Great, Great, Great Grandmother watching over you, supporting your every move, knocking on your door, tapping on your shoulder when she sees you going astray.

it could be the neighbor down the block with a friendly smile on a day when you really needed some encouragment

it could be that Shaman from long long ago, a millenia of lifetimes ago, who always wants your greatest good to be received and given.

the support is there.

it is here.


it is  right   here.

all I, we, need to do is ask.



Everyting is everyting.

That’s what they say.

I look at my parents, how did we get there?

How are you ours?

We don’t look the same!

It is ALL the same.

We are ALL the same, somewhere, somehow.

everyting is everyting.

Yes indeed it is.

Similar to “same same, but different,” a COMMON phrase throughout South East Asia that I heard during my travels there with my former partner.

“Same same, but different.”

So true.