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This just came to me as I was reading a response from a woman on a Dawn Katar channeled message I posted on facebook this morning.

There is something here about “opening my heart in the remembrance of Oneness,” as this friend posted, and about the self-lessness of listening to others and hearing myself at the same time.

Two things come to mind:

1. The other day I moved into a new house.  I was driving down this new street and a car was pulling right out of the driveway as I approached.  I could see them pulling out and I beeped my horn and they just continued pulling right out onto the street, so I slowed to almost a full stop.

Slightly aggravated and also surprised I just thought, “Oh, ok.”  I pulled up next to them to turn and I beeped my horn.  It was a young man at the steering wheel.  He looked over at me and I said, “Hey, you need to look when you pull out.”  He gave me the finger and said, “Fuck off.”  I felt the twinge of that energy run through my body and I opened my heart and sincerely said, “Peace,” as I held up the peace sign, and “God Bless you,” before I pulled away.  He gave me a half-smile and a thumbs up as I drove off.  I felt open to receiving whatever love there was present in the interaction.  I thought, how can I see love here?  I jumped out of the situation and saw it from the outside and I actually did feel love in his reaction to me.  I opened my heart and it helped me feel more connected with him even though he said, “F O.”  This was a shift in how I might normally have dealt with these feelings of being sworn at in the past.  I take responsibility to reacting to him and even saying something to him.  In the past this could have come from a longing for getting back at him or making my point.   Now, I see love and responsibility in my reaction to him.  I care about his safety as much as mine.

Maybe he just needed to be right.  Maybe he just got into an argument with his girlfriend.  Maybe he “doesn’t care” and just says “Fuck off” to life and the world.  Whatever it is, we are all human, we are all one.  So how can I open my heart to connect with the love that IS there?

2. When I have worked in the restaurant business as a server, there have been SO MANY TIMES when I have had to put aside my own thoughts, feelings, opinions, beliefs and just LISTENED to what the customer wants and needs and do my very best to accommodate and validate them.  I held it in my duties as a server to offer the customer the best experience possible.  For some reason it has been VERY easy for me to do this in the restaurant business and I have found GREAT JOY in walking out each night knowing I supported myself and others to have the best experience possible.  Believe me, I have learned my lessons and not every customer walked out happy, however, on average, I will say 98% of them did.

On the flip side,  I find myself, in my own life, having trouble doing this in my personal relationships and conversations within myself and with others.  I find myself wanting to be heard and validated and wanting to argue with others or defend myself when others share opposing views with me or challenge my opinions, thoughts, beliefs and actions.

The them today is Open my Heart and Listen, to myself and others.

How can I open my heart, be a channel for peace, love and connection, in my personal and professional life?  It is like walking around as if I am the coach I want to be with clients all the time, I am in my Coach’s Stand in every moment of my life.  Hmmm, what will this be like and what is possible when I do this?

I will let you know.

How can you walk around your life in your Stand for who and how you want to be?  What is possible when you take this on in every moment?

As another coach said to me: “How do you want to leave people when you are finished interacting with them?”  And I will ask, What is important about that to you?

Many Besos, Sarah


Today, as I heard a peer coaching partner say something like, “Coaching is helping me become a better friend,” I got something:

Coaching IS helping me become a better friend.

I know how to hold people as whole and resourceful.

I know how to ask empowering questions.

I know how to self manage (working on this one more and more!).

I know how to listen with more than just my ears.

I know how to respond from truth within me that is arising in the moment and how to ask for permission to share this truth or just share it sometimes.

I know more now than ever what living in alignment feels like and trusting my intuition.

I know how to say no to what is not wholly what I want

and how to say YES to what IS wholly what I want!

Thank you CFT and Feminine Power and Julie Cramer and Laura and Dariel and Michael and Michele and Mom and Dad and Guardian Angels and Protectorate Guides and Spirits and ALL the other great beings of Love and Light who have and continue to light my pathway so I can see the next steps forward!



I am  moving.

Moving on, moving out, moving in.

The other day, I was teaching a bunch of 7th & 8th graders the basic front to back salsa step.

I said, “It’s like you are starting from home,” as I brought my hands up to rest on my heart.  “This is your home.  This is where you come from,” as I emphasized our bodies as “home” with my hands.

“When you wake up in the morning and you want to get out of bed and go to the bathroom, how do you do that?  You get yourself up and go to the bathroom from here,” (hands on the chest), “and go.”

They seemed to really get this concept of home being in themselves as I noticed a distinct opening in the energy field of the room for the next several minutes.

Yes, Home IS where the heart is.