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I always wondered why I felt so off balance in times when things were tough or conflicts arose in relationship or I woke up just feeling the blues.

Why was this SO TOUGH.

While reading The Magnolias West Blog, I got something.  She spoke of being grateful for being sober for so many years, that she could actually enJOY her life instead of trying to escape it 24/7.

I thought of myself running away, waking up in the middle of the night literally running out of bed in a panic, not sure where I was going, a teenager in my parents home.  I thought of all the times I escaped my body by sending my energy somewhere else, into someone else’s world, with them, why not with me?

Now I am learning to live inSIDE myself, inSIDE my body.

How does this feel?  It feels GREAT!

When I realize I am self-abandoning again, going outside of my body with my energy, I remind myself of the Greek Goddess Vision that came to me many months ago that reminds me to fully embody myself and woop, there I am, back inside my body.   It’s amAAAzing what conjuring up this image alone can do for me in a split second!  THANK YOU GODDESS!

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling blah, poopy, hadn’t felt well the night before and didn’t sleep well either, up on and off.

Suddenly, I realized I was not in my body and I had to be!  “This feeling for SURE will evolve as I come back home to me,” I thought.

Yoga, I must do a few Yoga poses to connect within my body again!

And there I did, 3 poses, noticing my breath, intentionally breathing into different parts of my lungs and body as I stretched.

Ahhhh…sweet relief, sweet homecoming, back home again!

I don’t know what was SO PAINFUL about being here in my body, but for most of my life I have NOT embodied myself.  I haven’t even know HOW or why I wasn’t embodying myself!

How do you bring yourself back home in a life affirming way?

What’s important about embodying yourself fully?

How can embodying yourself enhance your contribution to the world?

I want to know!  Please share comments below or post on my facebook page:



There is a difference between leading and guiding.

Leading is when someone or others are following someone or something else.

I think of a beautiful metaphor of dancers.  There is one leader and one follower.  The leader is giving the energy they need to the follower in order for the follower to receive the signals and energy that they need to follow the leader.  It is a beautiful flow of energy, much like waves washing up, in and out of a shore.  It is beautiful when both people are open to the magical space created by this leading and following ritual.

Then there is guiding.  Guiding is a whole different story.

When someone is being guided, they know where they want to go and the guide supports them in getting there.  Or maybe they don’t know where they want to go, however, the guide acts as a support system in guiding a person to the best place possible for them in that moment.

I think about the subtleties of this in coaching.  When I see something the client may not be awakened to and I pose a question that “leads” them into this knowing, am I guiding them or leading them?

What do you think?

What does your inner guide have to say to you right now?