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This week, I sent my soul twin brother in Cuba a sms message over email.

Soon after, I got a text message on my phone from the instant messaging service stating that I was assigned a “local” number for this person and I didn’t have to use the Cuban number anymore.

I couldn’t believe it.  In my growing Spanish language comprehension, I read through the message again and was pretty sure what it meant.  I sent an email to the service to find out more.

In the meantime, to my absolute delight and TOTAL SURPRISE, though I have to admit, a part of me KNEW this was coming as I was almost anticipating it, I GOT A RESPONSE from this “new” number I was assigned!

It was my dear soul twin brother in Cuba, responding to my text message.

I couldn’t believe it as we have not been able to respond to each other like this before.

I squealed. I felt instantly happy, and sad.

The happiness came from feeling so blessed and excited about the possibility of more instant communication with my friend in Cuba.  The sadness was a bit of a mystery to me at first.

I remember being in Cuba last year, the weekend before I came home.  Throughout the day I watched my friend interacting with his wife, child, family and students and I noticed the feelings of graspy neediness towards him as my pending departure approached.

What was this neediness all about?  Why did I feel graspy?  As I spoke to him that day, at the beach, I began to notice these reactions and told him about how I was feeling, owning my experience as a habitual response that comes up when change approaches.  Noticing this within myself was enough of an opening for a new and different viewpoint to arise.  Communicating with him felt good in a non-confrontational way and his listening to my experience felt supportive.

A little later on I watched him dancing with his wife, adding in the breakdance steps that I had showed them on an earlier trip that year.  Their son joined them soon after, dancing in between them as they mirrored the basic steps of salsa for him.  As I watched this beautiful experience unfold and felt the love between them, a thought came through my mind:

“I am a part of their love.”

Ahhh, this seemed to shift EVERYTHING!

I am not separate from them.

It was this same feeling of “separation” surfacing again the other day as I received his first text response to me. The graspy neediness.  I want MORE, I want MORE connection.

Who do I need more connection with?  What do I think is missing here?

What is this feeling of separateness that surfaces?  What purposes does it serve?

What I do know is that it is a HUGE arrow pointing me directly towards myself, what I want and need, towards what  and who I am.

How do you come home to yourself?

What is important about self-connection?

What fuels your self empowerment and greater self acceptance and love?

Share with me below and I am grateful for your response.

Love, Sarah


In the morning, I typically don’t “want” to wake up early.  I enjoy the warmth, comfort and safety of my bed.  Sleeping is great, there is nothing to do but rest, relax and let go!

But when nature calls and my body awakens in the mid dawn hours, I am finding that by the time I get back into, or think I “want” to get back into bed, I don’t.  It’s usually 7am and I am ready for the day.

There are a few things at play here.  I have noticed that once I get up, even if I feel really tired before getting out of bed, I wake up more as I move around the house making it less necessary or appealing to get back into bed.  I am also in a part of my life where I am choosing to do some really cool things that I feel very inspired and alive about.  Once I get up, I feel motivated for my day.  There is blogging after all and my dance/workout routine in the mornings and then there is talking with  my Higher Self and/or the triggered younger self inside myself.  There is SO MUCH TO ENGAGE IN and I have the TIME for it early in the morning!

I used to sleep in until 9 or 10am easily, sometimes 11:30 (I still do if I am REALLY tired!!!).

These days I get up and get out of bed, even on WEEKENDS, at 7 pr 8am (9:30am is sleeping in for me now!).

What motivates you to get out of bed early?

What is your favorite part of waking up in the early mornings?

If you are not a morning person, when do you feel most alive, awake and productive during the day or night?

Post your thoughts below and enJOY your day!


Today, as I drove to the park to meet a friend for a walk, I noticed my head feeling heavy and tired.  Headachy almost.

I thought, “Oh, I didn’t do that grounding meditation after that call (this afternoon).”  The call was pretty intense where the facilitator brought us through several rounds of clearing some major old beliefs around money and receiving!

My first thought was, “Whose energy is this?”  I thought of the woman on the call who was having sinus blockages which seemed to impede her knowingness and  I heard some name that I didn’t know and assumed it was someone else from the call.

Then I noticed the feeling of the energy in my body moving down wards.  It seemed just the thought of the grounding meditation allowed this energy in my head to drop down a little bit.

I watched as it moved, seemingly easily dropping down more as I drove along.  Then it seemed to get stuck or stopped at points and wouldn’t move.  I would notice that, wonder how to get it moving further down so it could ground out and then I would get involved in the music I was listening to and it would move another big piece downward.  I noticed that and it stopped.  Then I thought, “Oh, I was just feeling good (because of the music) and the energy moved quite easily,”  so I thought of sending it love from my “deeper, wider center”.  I imagined love showering this energy from the base of my pelvis and the energy just moved right out of the bottoms of my feet and the earth opened right up to receive it!

Wow, all it took was love and feeling good!

I always thought that music sometimes can distract myself and others from feeling what is necessary in the moment.  Or it can take us away from ourselves.

I noticed today that the good feelings I was experiencing while listening to music that I really love helped me connect more with love inside myself and gave me a real feeling of Being Love.


How do you connect with love inside of yourself, in your life?

How can Being Love support you when things seem tough or imbalanced or even dismal?

Share your thoughts below!