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Tonight, I had an inkling that someone in the kitchen might be a Star Wars fan and that is why I made the connection about motion activated paper towel dispensers and the “Jedi Force” (besides the quintessential waving of the hand in a sideways motion that I do when wanting a piece of paper towel from a motion sensor paper towel dispenser).  I asked the head and sous chef’s whether they were big Star War’s fans.  They both wear black chef’s clothes and have an energy of being in the “Jedi Force”.  The sous chef said, “Not really.”  The head chef said, “Yah, look at this,” and held up his key chain with Darth Vader dangling off of it.

Ah ha, that’s it.

When I told them about my realization last week one of the other assistant chefs said, “Yah, we’ve talked about that before.”

So interesting how thoughts and energies run around and come through different channels and sources, like you and me.  I wonder how many other people in this world have had the same thought!

Collective conscious?

Jedi Force?

Same same but different?


Last week, I walked into the kitchen at work and over to the small sink next to the cooking line.  After I washed my hands, I turned to my right and waved my hand in front of the sensory detector on the paper towel machine.  I have done this countless times in the past several years in restaurants and bathrooms around the country, however, this time, something occurred to me that hadn’t before:

I was struck by how this machine allows me to see my “Jedi Force” at work in front of my eyes just by the simple wave of my hand.

What is “the Force”?

How does your “Jedi Force” show up?

How do you use “the Force” in your life?






In Landmark they call them “rackets”.

In Non-Violent Communication, they call them “jackal’s”.

It is when something, some energy or “part of ourselves”, is activated that is unconscious or from the shadow part of ourselves and we are not conscious of it’s activation in the moment, so we act “it” out as if we were it.
Does this make sense?

When I was younger, I picked up on all KINDS of things happening around me that weren’t being spoken about.  I felt people’s aggravation, discomfort, anger, fear, excitement.  I had no idea that it wasn’t about me.  I didn’t know how to interpret what I was feeling, so I made it be about me so that it made more sense to me.

As an adult, and through the work I have done with a great life coach, Julie Cramer, of The Balance Point, to studying Coaching for Transformation with Leadership that Works and now in my own process, a lot of light continues to be shed on these “parts” of myself and others.

I am bolder in speaking up when I sense something present that is not being spoken about.  I ask what’s going on or I even bring light to situations I witness between others and do not understand.

This allows me to be more real with myself and others, possibly shedding light on a previously unconscious or in the shadows behavior or situation.

I also notice there is something so refreshing about bringing things to light, exposing what was once dark to the light of day so it can be seen, heard, felt and experienced for greater healing, growth, clarity, understanding and evolution.

I had a conversation with a friend about something like this today and I noticed, when they got down to the real reason for their actions in the situation, I felt a weight had lifted right off of me.  I felt their transparency, their honesty.  It felt enlivening to hear them just be real, just be honest.  Nothing to hide, nothing to stray away from, nothing to cover up, just bold, bright and real honesty.

Thank you for that!

Where can you be more transparent in your life right now?

How can this transparency serve you and others in the moment?

Love and Light,


Beautiful essay on then and now and forward

As I danced around the studio in Williamsville early this morning, with an intimate group of women, a thought came through my mind:

“I wonder who else is up at this time of the day doing their personal practices, Yoga classes, dancing/moving meditaiton?  Wow, where are all these people?  We are now doing this WITH them!”

I realized that we were a part of a collective upleveling of consciousness by choosing to start our day in an intentional way.

I was no longer in my room alone dancing around and whirling and twirling.  I was with a group of people and we were together with all the other groups and individuals beginning, ending or in the middle of our morning practice.

Together we were collectively creating space, peace and love on our pathways to our days.