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I found my love of teaching again tonight.

I thought I had lost it, somewhere between this and that, him and her, time and dollar bills.

I thought maybe it was time to hang up my shoes as a “dance instructor”, that I was more of a facilitator and more interested in coaching and personal process than “just” teaching dance technique to people who want to learn how to dance.

Tonight, I found that love again, that love for teaching technique, that love for teaching the details, for inviting students into a deeper understanding of themselves and their bodies through the art of El Baile.

I chose to ask someone to co-teach with me, and not just someone, a masterful teacher, a skillful dancer and a fun guy.  I felt the opening as we practiced together this afternoon and even though class started today, I followed the instinct, the voice inside me, which I am quickly beginning to recognize as truth, as the Angels and Guides giving me the right next step, and the words came out of my mouth, “You know, would you like to teach with me tonight?”

It just felt right.  It still feels right, even though we are finding our ways around each other and with each other.  It was as if his mastery was allowing me to tap into my mastery.  Like his attention to detail was bringing me into my own attention to detail, the kind of detail that I have lost sight of after teaching alone for quite some time now.

I felt the space, I felt the love, his love, for what he does and it reignited MY love!


What is partnership to you?

What is love of what you do?  How does it feel when you love something you are doing?

Signing off for now, Sarah


Today I feel as if I have traveled the ages, a millennia of sorts, through dragons tales and villages, through time and nature, through the cosmos.  I mean, really, so much has happened in this one day, and it is still going!

I have been challenged, I have celebrated, I have talked, I have listened, I have shared, I have cried, I have whooped and laughed and sighed and tensed and breathed in love and breathed out love and come home to myself over and over again!

It is 11:11pm, I walked out of the garage and into the steel white light of the moon, cast across everything in sight.  I stared up at the big, Mamma tree in front of me, it’s shapely branches stretching, curling, swirling into the sky reminding me that I am here, I am everything, it is all me.  we.  us.  it.  is.  am.  long for.  love.

I am IT, there IS not separation!

The stars twinkled brightly overhead, shining their magnificent luminescent lights as if guiding posts, guiding us this way and that.  I reveled in the air, the coolness, breathing love in and out.  I breath love, I am love.  It is love.


All love.



As I drove downtown this evening, pulling the wheel of the car around a soft curve of the highway exit ramp, I said out loud, “I am open to real love!”  The next moment, I looked between two buildings to see the sun, a hot pink, misty ball, dropping below the line of monotonous grey clouds, almost heavy with the weight of it’s energy and gushing with it’s pink, mistiness!  I literally made the funniest sound ever like, “Ugh-oooo,” and said something like, “YES!  I am open to receive you too love!  You are here!  I receive!”

What kinds of manifesting are you doing right now?

What’s showing up and how?


Love, Sarah

Hello All~

My FIRST Video Blog of this series in light of 1 Billion Rising, or shall I say inspired BY 1 Billion Rising and Valentine’s Day!


Love Yeh Self!


Love you, Sarah

What’s up Y’all?


This is the second of many more video blogs I want to contribute.  What do you think?

Post comments below!

What good vibrations are you sharing with the world, yourself and others today?

Love, Sarah