Living in my body gives me direct access to my true self, inner guidance and self-empowerment.  Body centered awareness and connection continues to motivate my work as the director of Salsa for the Soul, a Latin dance company whose mission is to support personal, Spiritual and global transformation through solo and partner dancing, and as a certified professional Transformational Life Coach, where I utilize the skills and tools of intuition, dance, life coaching, meditation, mindfulness, body and energy awareness, and intention setting to support the fullest embodiment of myself and others.

I support women, who are going through major life transitions, to step fully INTO their power and share their greatest gifts by living IN their bodies and loving all of themselves.  Providing tools and techniques that can support this level of coming home to the self, honoring and accepting all of who we are, I want women to connect with their deepest truths and inner wisdom, share their special gifts and talents with the world and be empowered role models for themselves and others.

Traveling around the United States, Canada and abroad to Cuba, S.E. Asia, Europe and the South Pacific has deepened my experience, evolved my transformation and expanded my reach in both my inner and outer worlds.  As an official blogger at OwningPink.com and sarahhaykel.com, I share with you how I continue to bridge the gap from disempowerment to empowerment, from self-hatred to self-love, from lack to wholeness, and how this purposeful and intentional bridge has been built by simple steps, a commitment to self love, a BIG VISION and a deep passion to contribute far more than I ever thought possible.

You can see it, you can feel it, now let me help you Be it!

Contact me at sarah@sarahhaykel.com to set up your complimentary personal break-through session today.