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Ever feel sorry for yourself?

Think others have it better?

Not sure if you’re enough or how you’re contributing is enough?

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Dear Beloved Reader, Listener, Inspirator~

I am pleased to release the powerfully moving, inspiring and REAL Soul Conversations with Sarah featuring Dr. Shelly Batra.

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What are YOU aligning with?


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Hi All~


It’s Day 3 of the 7 Day Song Challenge!

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Hey All~

It’s the second day of the 7 Day Song Challenge and this one is called “Oh Yah!”
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Hi All~

How are you out there in cyber world?


Things are going well here and I’m excited to announce that my twin sister, a colleague and friend of ours, and I are embarking on a new 7 Day Song Challenge today!


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Hi All~

I’m sharing information here about my work in Elder Care Facilities.

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I want to share my newest insight, well one of them in the recent week!

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I am constantly expanding

My container is huge

In fact, it’s infinite

The scientists call me “dark energy”.

They cannot see or detect me, but they know I am here.

Every part of me is essential to my being.

I am

Laura and Sarah:

Sarah, Laura, Sarah, Laura, Sarah, Laura

I am Laura

And I am Sarah

We are The Haykel Twins


We were invented right here in Buffalo, NY

Our Mother’s Family came from Eastern Europe

And our Father’s, from the Middle East

And somewhere along the lines of our ancestry on both sides of the family, there was a vision: to create a better future for the generations to come.


Much like the elusive dark energy that’s constantly expanding this great universe, there too is a life force energy moving through each one of us, moving us forward to Choose, Create and Live our best lives.


Four days after our 16th birthday, I dropped out of school and left home. I felt trapped, like I didn’t belong in my family or in my community and I had to break free, to find where I belonged.

I was searching, and there was an urgency within my being to find the perfect fix that would fill this deep void that I felt in the center of my soul.  I thought that by finding my tribe it would save me from the loneliness I had felt since I was a young girl.


When Laura left home, I was devastated, like half of me was missing. I literally traveled around the country to find her and when I did, that part of me was still gone.

Through the gift of a gratitude journal and a new passion for dance, I began learning how to love myself, see the good in life, follow my own heart and listen to the wisdom within me.

Years later, through a course in radical self-responsibility, I had a major breakthrough. At 32 years old, I realized for 16 years I held it over Laura’s head that she left me. What I came to realize is she never left me. I left myself long before Laura ever left home.


It wasn’t until I was 29 that I started to realize the power that I have as the co-creator of my life. As a young single mother who had experienced devastating heartbreak, I realized I have been living my life as a victim. When I hit rock bottom, I sought the support of a life coach and thus began the journey towards learning how to love myself.

What I’ve found to be true is that my journey, my destiny, my legacy is ultimately a culmination of the things that I choose in each moment.


Much like this 3-Light-Year tall tower of gas, that is being both eaten by starlight and stardust on the outside, and expanded by new stars exploding from within it, we too are experiencing life’s great transformation, letting go of ways that no longer serve us and stepping into new ways of being.


We invite you to take an honest and empowering look at yourself and your life.


What are you choosing?


What’s possible when you step into self-responsibility and become a conscious co-creator of the life you want?


We leave you with this:

Sarah & Laura sing:

Who am I being, what am I choosing, what do I want, How will I LIVE/How will YOU live/How will WE live?!


With this message, we intend to support you to make more conscious choices, activate the creative genius within, and live in a harmonious and joyful relationship with yourself and others!

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My sister Laura and I give THANKS for your support, love, and presence in our lives. Enjoy our video ~ it’s our New Year’s gift to you and may it enhance your life experience and inspire you greatly in this new year.

Here’s to fulfilling our dreams and freeing our spirits!!

Lots of love,



Sarah Haykel

Director, Salsa for the Soul

Certified Professional Life Coach

For more information about my twin sister, Laura, click here.