“The invitation to BE, arrived from a fellow namesake and vessel of light — Sarah Haykel. Working with Sarah, in her capacity as Free to Be Life Coach, over the course of 3 months awakened, inspired, and activated my joy for living in ways that I have not known or felt since childhood.

Additionally, in October 2012, Sarah Haykel Free to Be Life Coach — via facebook — posted an invitation to celebrate and honor the life and passing of Gabrielle Roth. This event lasted 5 mornings, and was dubbed: Morning Movement Meditation. I can’t exactly put into words what happened within and to me during these sessions, but I will say that I finally found the sweetest fraction of a slice of what I’ve been looking for all of these long, lonely years….Thank you, sister Sarah for the invitation to BE!” Sarah M. Cozzemera, Student of Life

“I invited Sarah Haykel to the studio to teach a Salsa class. I wanted my students to experience another teacher and one that would help them feel free and good about their bodies. She was a delight and very talented. Loved her presentation, demonstrations, combos and her encouragement. I know my students enjoyed her class and I would definitely have her back again. She truly is a great performer and teacher.” Nadia Ibrahim, Professional Belly Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer

“My two coaching sessions with Sarah were…and “are” a beautiful, refreshing oasis of an experience. I use the present tense “are” because the feelings of focus, joy and soft, feathery serenity are still lasting long after our coaching sessions. She is the maestra of reflecting experiences and feelings back to you…mirroring your visions, goals and dreams…and helping you to then tap into your own unlimited wisdom to arrive at the answers…by rooting you firmly in love…for above all, there really is only love. Spirit fills in all the details…it’s up to us to just trust. Sarah, thank you so much for two deeply enriching sessions and I only know there is much, much more to come!  You wrap people right up in a soft warm blanket of sweetness, you know!”  Andrea Todaro

“You are clearly a natural.” Lyndra Hearn-Antonson CPCC MSW

“You really have a gift for this.  I felt really safe and I felt comfortable opening up.” Laura Haykel

“The first time I did the process and I was out, I was like, WOW this works.  This is awesome.  I didn’t feel stuck.  The feeling I had was so amazing.  I felt like I had broke down this barrier, I don’t have to stay in that corner.  I can actually come out and be here.   I can actually take things in.”  Darian R.

“What you’e helped me to realize, by giving things space, just letting it be there, it makes it so much more functional because it doesn’t become this overwhelming whirlwind of negativity or spiraling down.  By giving it space, it is like it’s ok, this is here, I work with it, I see it and I can almost redirect it and this is where I want to go and this is how I want to feel and by focusing on that kind of agenda it helps me be the person I want to be instead of being stuck in what I was.”  Darian R.

“The coaching has been great. I’ve really enjoyed working with you. You help me to see things from new perspectives, and your encouragement to visualize has helped me to explore my feelings and thoughts in a new, deeper way. I especially like how well you are able to grasp the things that I say and repeat them back to me — I know that I’m being heard, and it helps me to remember what it is that I have said.”  AFL

“Whatever training you’ve had, you were able to distill my need to create more peace in my life in a very short amount of time (during the workshop).”  Julie

“You have people up dancing that never do anything.  The deepest thing, we had a student that got murdered last year that you worked with that day and he was there more than others.  And do you know the saddest thing, I have a video, there were 5 students involved.  Everyone was in a line and they were all having fun and dancing with you.  It was all of the students that were involved in that major thing.  It did show that there were students that took part in your workshop that didn’t take part in any other thing.”  David Blackburn, Niagara University