Come Alive This SpringAwaken and renew: A Retreat for Women in Nature

Blossom into your fullness
Celebrate yourself and reconnect with nature

Sunday, April 21
10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Chestnut Ridge Park
Commissioner’s Cabin
As the earth awakens in spring, what is calling to awaken within you?
We will connect with our inner and outer landscapes through movement
meditation with Sarah Haykel and discover how our connection to nature
can fuel our own awakenings. We will hike through scenic Chestnut
Ridge Park with Amy Moritz to tune into the wisdom of our bodies and
natural surroundings while clearing our mind, body and spirit to
create a space for new possibilities.
Retreat registration is $78 through March 31 and $99 from
April 1 through April 20.
Lunch and materials will be
provided.  Visit www.amymoritz.com to register online.Sunday, April 21
10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Chestnut Ridge Park
Commissioner’s Cabin

About Sarah: Living in my body gives me access to my true self and
greatest empowerment.  Body centered awareness and connection
continues to motivate my work as the director of Salsa for the Soul, a
Latin dance company whose mission is to support personal, Spiritual
and global transformation through solo and partner dancing, and as a
certified Transformational Life Coach, where I utilize the skills and
tools of intuition, dance, life coaching, meditation, mindfulness,
body and energy awareness, and intention setting to support the
fullest embodiment of myself and others.

About Amy: Life begins where your comfort zone ends. As a triathlete
and runner, I’ve discovered there is great wisdom within the body.
Once we tap into the wisdom we already possess, the possibilities for
our lives become limitless. A certified wellness coach and a licensed
outdoor guide, I help people create a life they love by stepping into
their authentic selves.

To register on line go to: http://www.amymoritz.com/come-alive-this-spring/

Create space, go into your heart, become the gift that you are in every moment.

Want to:

Feel good in your body?

Live life to it’s fullest?

Love all of yourself?

Make a great contribution to the world?

Be empowered?

See yourself and the world through new eyes?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, this is the right workshop for you

Wake up and come alive with this process of self-connection, self-discovery and inquiry! Get curious about your experience and re-create who you are. Be yourself and shine your special light into the world in a way that serves all!

During this workshop we will:
~ Explore movement as meditation
~ Connect with our bodies through breathing exercises
~ Set intentions 
~ Connect with our intuition and inner guidance
~ Create space around habitual patterns 
~ Engage in partner and group exercises
~ Learn the fluid 5 Step Free to Be process
~ Explore “next steps” to keep alive what you experience

Movement, sound, meditation, intuition, mindfulness, life coaching skills and more will be vehicles to support you in slowing down and living inside your body so you can access greater levels of self-empowerment, self-love, truth and peace both inside and out.

Put on some new glasses and see the world in a whole new light!

Free to be is a process of coming home to the self. Like a figure eight, the process is fluid. You may go from one step to another, around the circles and to the beginning again. Or you may sit in a place for a while and feel it out or come right into being and enjoy this. It is a coming home to the self, finding your space, your center, through simple easy steps like noticing and inquiring into your experience in each moment. 

This process is fun, easy and designed to bring peace to yourself and others in the most trying of times. It is an exploration, an ever evolving process. Let it grow, let it flow. Love yourself and all of who you are. Be Free to Be exactly who you are!